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45 Best DIY Halloween Outdoor Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner, and everybody is planning on unleashing their cutest and creepiest Halloween décor to trick their homes and make the entire neighborhood stop.

Do you have to break the bank to have the best Halloween vibe? We don’t think so. Here are 45 best DIY Halloween outdoor decorations that you should try out.

DIY Halloween Outdoor Decorations

1. Lantern Magic

Lantern Magic

Looking for a Halloween decoration that is a balance between scary and innocent? Try out the Lantern Magic. Your hosts will find this décor pretty amusing.

You can put it on your front door. It’s a perfect way to be spooky without giving your kids nightmares. Still, you will need some pumpkins and lightbulbs for this one.

This dramatic decoration is something that you will remember well for a long time.

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2. Outdoor Witch Décor

DIY Witch Silhouette

You can craft your witch décor in just a few simple steps. There is no better way to grab all your visitors’ and neighbors’ attention than by having an almost-real witch statue standing in front of your door, stirring her wicked concoction in her ancient pot.

Anyone who will come across your yard will get some goose bumps. All you need to do is to get this witch pattern and print it on plywood.

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3. Climbing Halloween Skeletons

Climbing Halloween Skeletons

This inexpensive Halloween outdoor décor will make you be the talk of the town, for good reasons. You only need some blow plastics to make your house climbing skeletons. Your neighbours are going to be freaked out.

By hanging the skeletons on your roof, you will create the illusion that the skeletons are climbing your roof. It will be a bone-chilling site that will leave your guests frightened and thrilled.

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4. Creepy Spider Egg Sacs

Creepy Spider Egg Sacs

You can add some little spook to your Halloween décor by making your spider egg sacs. You can hang the spider sacs on your front door.

You don’t need a lot of materials to make this one: just a few small plastic spiders, a glue gun, baseballs, and some of your old tights.

For the décor to be as creepy as possible, use black spiders. The tights should also be white.

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5. Sinister Black Pumpkins

Sinister Black Pumpkins

The best way to spook your trick-or-treaters is to let them be greeted by a family of doomy looking pumpkins on your doorsteps. Creating this outdoor Halloween décor is very easy.

You only need a few pumpkins, both large and medium-sized. You will also need black acrylic paint. These ominous pumpkins will be at their best during the night because that is when they can freak your guests the most.

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6. Zombie Planted Hands

Zombie Planted Hands

This showstopper is perfect for your front porch. You will need some pumpkins, 3 or 4 plant vases, and some creepy hands.

Your hosts will be thrilled by some scary hands coming out of your beautiful flower vases. Just beware that the zombie planters may appear realistic at night.

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7. Illuminated Ghost Garland

Illuminated Ghost Garland

This easy Halloween craft is perfect for your porch, entrance, or even the pathway to your front door.

You can let your magical and bright ghosts welcome your visitors. The best thing is that they look scary both during the day and at night.

You need a couple of white lantern lights, white cotton fabric, approximately 2 yards, white string, and a black sharpie.

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8. Witches Broom Door

Witches Broom Door

So witches are having a party at your home this Halloween? There is no better way to welcome them than by having some broomsticks on your door. You know how witches love broomsticks.

This Halloween décor is effortless to pull off and great gifts for Harry Potter fans.

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9. Black Cat O’Lanterns

Black Cat O’Lanterns

Adorning your front door with these gorgeous cat o’lanterns. Their black colour and glowing eyes will surely grab your neighbors’ attention.

All you need is a few huge pumpkins. The only facial features that you will need to carve will be the eyes.

You will then put a few Christmas tree lights inside the cats’ head to produce the orange glow in their eyes.

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10. Menacing Pumpkin Man

Menacing Pumpkin Man

Make your neighbours and trick-or-treaters feel a little bit wary when they come to your front door only to meet a menacing pumpkin man. You only need simple materials to make your spooky man.

You need a wooden frame, a large pumpkin for the head and some rope. Besides your porch, you can also put this otherworldly man in your walkway or under a tree.

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11. Front Porch Fall

Front Porch Fall

Set up a Halloween buffet using hay that is covered in cobwebs as your table. Add some string lights to the décor to illuminate it, so it’s visible at night. The spread will also need some pumpkins.

To give the décor some Halloween feel, add some Halloween-inspired flowers. The stack bales of hay are perfect for the yard. You can also put it in front of your porch.

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12. Creepy Halloween Curtains

Creepy Halloween Curtains

Create a creepy factor around your home by making your own Halloween curtains. You will need white gauze to make your bone-chilling curtains.

To make your curtains look dirty and old, soak them into a bowl of coffee. You also need to tear a few small holes in your curtains to add that scary factor and make them look like they have been out there for several years.

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13. Packing Tape Ghosts

Packing Tape Ghosts

You can make a life-sized Halloween ghost by just using packing tape. You can take your old dress and turn it into a translucent ghoulish ghost that will look like they are ready to float to you.

Hang your ghost on a tree in front of your house or on your door frame. You can make as many as you want and let them haunt your neighbors.

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14. DIY Floating Ghosts

DIY Floating Ghosts

If you are looking for a DIY outdoor Halloween decoration that you can put up when in the last-minute rush, then try out these DIY floating ghosts.

Although they are at their best at night in freaking people, they will captivate visitors during the day.

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15. Tin Can Ghosts

Tin Can Ghosts

Your kitchen recyclables can be of good use in making some Halloween decorations. Besides the tins, you will need some ribbons too.

Paint the tins white and then attach the ribbons to the tins. The eyes and mouth should be black. Hang your tin can ghost on a tree to make them look like they are floating.

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16. Yard Ghosts From Recycled Plastic Bags

Yard Ghosts From Recycled Plastic Bags

Want to start scaring your guests right from the moment they step in your yard? Then put your trash plastic bags to good use and make some yard ghosts.

Toss the ghosts inside the bushes. Since the plastic bags are waterproof, you can leave the ghosts out all night. You don’t have to worry about the rain. You can also hang the ghosts on the trees using wire hangers.

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17. Hanging Cage

Hanging Cage

Make a statement in your neighborhood with some hanging cages Halloween props. Putting mini skeletons in a cage will be an attractive site for your guests.

You don’t need to buy a cage. Just turn your laundry baskets into cages. Make sure you paint it black. Put some skeleton props in them and hang on your yard using chains.

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18. Zombie Barbie Dolls

Zombie Barbie Dolls

Turn the famously pretty Barbie dolls into zombies and decorate your outdoors. How can you do that? Add some bloody faces and filthy hair, and there you have your zombie dolls.

Mark their faces with paint pens. Red paint is better for creating blood spatters. The more horrible the zombie dolls look, the more frightening they will be. Even your kids will also take an interest in helping you make them.

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19. Flytrap Candy Holder

Flytrap Candy Holder

Treat your trick-o’-treaters, by handing out candies to them in a different way. Take out a foam pumpkin and cut out the mouth and teeth. Paint the pumpkin green and dye the inside of the mouth using red paint.

Hang the flytrap outside your house and put some candies in it. Sit back and enjoy watching if anyone will dare to pull out some candies.

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20. Raven Front Porch

Raven Front Porch

Turn your front door into an eerie entrance by setting up some black ravens and a monochromatic color scheme. Attach some artificial blackbirds to your front door using adhesive hooks.

Add some faux pumpkins, mums, and lanterns to the décor to create a grim environment on your front door.

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21. Skeleton Lawn Decorator

Skeleton Lawn Decorator

Create a Halloween holiday that will stay in everyone’s memory for a long time by ensuring that it is a bone-chilling one.

You don’t have to carry the burden of trying to petrify your guests on your own, bring your outdoor skeleton crew to life and let them help you with that.

You need a group of skeleton props and a pair of sunglasses for each of your skeletons. Get the skeletons seated on your lawn and make them look like they are having a good time.

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22. Monster Mud Reaper

Monster Mud Reaper

Are you geeky enough? If so, then you will love this Monster Mud Reaper that you can make from PVC. PVC pipes, mud, paint, chicken wire, and burlap garden fabric are what you will need to make this outdoor Halloween décor.

You can install this ghost on your driveway and have him usher in anyone coming to your house.

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23. Cryptic Coffin

Cryptic Coffin

Halloween vibe is all about making your trick-or-treaters and neighbors face their worst fears. Trust me, there is nothing unsettling than the sight of a cryptic coffin.

You need some pallet boards, yellow lights, a real chain, black paint, rubber hand and some large foam pumpkins.

Ensure that you make the coffin look as ghostly as possible. Once you are done making the coffin, lean it against the wall of your front porch. This Halloween décor will make anyone’s hair stand.

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24. Cemetery Fence

Cemetery Fence

Is it possible to have a Halloween without graveyards? I don’t think so. Building a DIY cemetery fence can help bring graveyards’ nostalgic mood around your home for this Halloween holiday.

You can use pallets to build the cemetery fence. To add some festive essence, add some skull props and other festive props that you feel will help you achieve what you want. Make a coffin prop to add some creepiness.

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25. Concrete Tombstones with Hands

Concrete Tombstones With Hands

If you have a garden, it deserves a haunted makeover this Halloween holiday. There is no other better way to make your garden feel like a haunted place than by making a concrete tombstone.

To give your garden an even more eerie feeling, include a pair of hands and make them look like someone is trying to crawl out of their grave. Maybe Jack the Ripper is tired of being underground and wants to come out.

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26. Spooky Outdoor Halloween Silhouettes

Spooky Outdoor Halloween Silhouettes

Create an eerie scene on your yard or lawn and scare your neighbors. You can turn your lawn into a den of silhouette creatures. All you need is plywood to make your Halloween display.

You can download free creature patens and then draw them on your plywood, after which you cut out the shapes using a jigsaw. You can make shapes of rats, cats, and ghosts.

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27. Tower of Terrifying Pumpkins

Tower Of Terrifying Pumpkins

Do you want to get spooked responses from your neighbors and passers-by this Halloween? Then build a tower of terrifying pumpkins on your front door.

Get a wide variety of foam pumpkins and carve jack o’lanterns from each pumpkin. Foam pumpkins are lighter and cheaper than real pumpkins. Attach your scary-looking pumpkins to a frame to make a tower and then put it on your front door.

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28. Upside-Down Witch Halloween Urn

Upside-Down Witch Halloween Urn

Let your neighbors know that a witch just landed headfirst on your front-door for the Halloween holiday.

This Halloween décor is straightforward to make. Just dress some mannequin legs in buckled shoes and striped hose.

Place the witch upside down in an urn. Fill the urn with some moss and place it on your front door.

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29. Scary Garage Door

Scary Garage Door

If you want to make your home look as scary as possible for Halloween, consider starting with your garage door. With a combination of card stocks and black vinyl, you can achieve that.

This Halloween décor is most scary at night. So you will need some lights to make the zombies glow.

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30. Mummy Hands Wreath

Mummy Hands Wreath

Making Halloween wreaths doesn’t have to be complicated, as most people tend to think. For this mummy hands wreath, all you need is masking tape.

Use the masking tape to create a pair of hair-raising mummy hands. You can add some scary plastic spiders on the hands. Add the hands to a grapevine wreath and then give them a faux spider web finishing.

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31. Ghost Leaf Bags

Ghost Leaf Bags

You can turn your yard to a super frightening and creepy graveyard in just a few simple steps. You can put your kitchen garbage bags to good use. Once you have gathered a few garbage bags, fill them with lots of leaves.

Use a permanent marker to draw scary facial features like eyes and mouth on the bags. Adding two or three gravestones to the scenery will give your yard a graveyard look and feel.

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32. Tea Light Witches

Tea Light Witches

Make some little witches using simple craft supplies and flameless tea lights. They look super cute and are easy to make.

You can make as many as you want and hang them on your door. Watch your guests kick out when they see cute witch faces staring back at them.

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33. Startled Stray Cat

Startled Stray Cat

Anyone will be spooked at the sight of a strangely looking stray cat in your walkway. You only need plywood, black paint and landscaping stakes.

You can download the cat template or make your own stray cat version by tracing it on the plywood. After you have trace the cat, paint it black. This Halloween décor is perfect in scaring your visitors when placed on your entryways or flowerbed.

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34. Giant PVC Spider

Giant PVC Spider

Anyone passing in front of your porch will be freaked out when they see this gigantic spider and long legs outside your house. You can make this spider from PVC pipes. Let this spooky spider welcome your trick-or-treaters to your Halloween party.

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35. Haunted Bag Luminary

Haunted Bag Luminary

These outdoor Halloween décor is inexpensive and really simple to make. You can make them in a short time and start scaring the pants of your trick-or-treaters by hanging them on your entryway or patio.

You don’t need a lot of materials to make these luminary bags. Just grab some metallic paint and black card stock.

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36. Chicken Wire Cheesecloth Halloween Ghost Host

Chicken Wire Cheesecloth Halloween Ghost Host

Make a larger-than-life Halloween ghost out of cheesecloth and let him welcome your guests to your party.

You need cheesecloth, spray adhesive, chicken wire and a fake skull. You can then have your ghost host stand next to a table full of candy and food.

Anyone with an appetite is welcome to the table. Your guests will be amused and spooked at the same time when they visit your home.

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37. Spirit Jugs

Spirit Jugs

Are you ready to start decorating for Halloween? Try these inexpensive and easy to make spirit jugs. Getting all the supplies you need, so it won’t be hard since you just need a couple of gallon milk jugs, a string of Christmas lights.

To bring your ghosts to life from he jugs, use a black marker pen to draw some eerie faces on the jugs. You can even let your kids give you a hand in making these spirit jugs by letting them color the faces.

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38. Ghost Made From Gourds

Ghost Made From Gourds

If you want to go soft on your trick-or-treaters and neighbors by not spooking them to the extreme. Then making some ghosts from gourds would be the perfect Halloween décor. They are fun to make and also kids friendly.

For the supplies, you need a couple of dried gourds, black craft paint, cheesecloth and small craft paintbrush.

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39. Tomato Cage Ghost

Tomato Cage Ghost

Making your own outdoor Halloween décor shouldn’t be expensive because you can turn almost anything in your store into a ghost or any other décor that you may wish to make.

If you are a gardener, then you have a lot of resources at your disposal that you can use to make a ghost. You can make ghosts out of your tomato cages and have them scare your guests.

Throw an old white sheet over your tomato cage. Give your ghost a scary face by cutting out some shapes and gluing them to the shoot.

To make your ghost scary, add a few strings of Christmas lights inside the cage to give it a yellow ghostly glow. Wait for the sun to set and watch your ghost do what it does best, which is scaring people.

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40. Hanging Witch Hat Luminaries

Hanging Witch Hat Luminaries

Make some magically spoofy witch hats and light up the Halloween night. They are perfect for adding a bit of whimsy to your front porch. Use black craft foam to make witch hats by rolling them into a cone.

Cut out circle shapes from the craft foam to act as the brim of the hat. Add yellow light bulbs inside each hat and hang them on your porch. This décor is perfect for Halloween night.

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41. Candy Wreath

Candy Wreath

If you want the mood in your Halloween holiday to just be festive without any element of spookiness, then this candy wreath is the best décor to choose from.

You can hang It on your door to give your trick-or-treaters a sweet treat and decorate your door.

Making a candy wreath is very easy. You only need an assortment of candies and a foam wreath where you will attach the candies. Add some little fake spiders on the wreath to give it a Halloween vibe.

Project details:

42. Pumpkin Checkers

Pumpkin Checkers

Let the pumpkins reign as witches fly this Halloween holiday. You can make pumpkin checkers and invite your neighbours and guests for a friendly game. Making your pumpkin checker should be a breeze.

You need a large square piece wood board, approximately 18 inches. Paint the squares using craft paint of two different colors.

You will need small white and orange pumpkins to serve as game pieces. You can place your Halloween checkers on your front door or yard on a stack of hay.

Project details:

43. Halloween Skull Wreath

Halloween Skull Wreath

Your trick-or-treaters will get scared when they come to your house only to be welcomed by the sight of Halloween skull wreath on your door. Making this décor is easy and inexpensive.

You need a couple of Styrofoam mini-skulls. To create a Halloween vibe with your skeleton wreath, hang it on your door using an orange ribbon.

Project details:

44. Lawn Ghosts

Lawn Ghosts

Even ghosts deserve a once-a-year chance to come together and celebrate. You can create your ghosts and have them form a group holding each other’s hands while enjoying the warmth of a fire. You don’t need a lot of material to make this Halloween décor.

Just grab some newspaper, packing tape, plastic drop cloths, some Christmas lights, and some white paper. You can let the ghosts have your yard for the night so they can say their evil chants.

Project details:

45. Halloween Window Sign

Halloween Window Sign

Dress up your window to add to the Halloween holiday fun. This Halloween window sign decoration will get you the maximum effect with just minimal effort. Your neighbors will notice your window sign.

All you need is black spray paint, 28-inches plywood, drill, stencil brush, and silver paint. When you are done with the window sign, you can add some DIY Halloween brooms to create a Halloween mood.

Project details:


All of these decorations are easy to make, some of the projects also a little challenge and will make your Halloween holiday unforgettable.

Buying readymade Halloween decoration can be expensive, and that is why we created this list. Which Halloween décor do you like the most from the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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